"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood."

Daniel Burnham
Julius Givens
Founder & CEO

Nine years ago Julius began a yearlong service project at an elementary school in the St. Louis Public School District. A school with high teacher turnover, over populated classrooms and failing students forced into the next grade level. This experience laid the foundation for The Explorer Program as Julius noted two very important lessons: first, that students wanted to learn and better themselves and their families but had few people who were encouraging them to do so; second, that of all the classes the students took, including P.E., they were more engaged, focused and interested in Art.

Julius is now committed to using Art to capture the student’s attention and furthering the realm of possibilities and opportunities that exists for them.

"The Explorer Program exists to ensure no child is left behind."

Beginning with his Jesuit education at DeSmet Jesuit High School, Julius has long been committed to service for others. While in college at the University of Missouri he served as a cadet in the United States Army ROTC and was firefighter for the Boone County Fire Protection District.

Furthermore, Julius is a Chicago Street Photographer, an avid rock climber and “dabbles” in hockey. Julius resides in the Wicker Park neighborhood.